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Yoga classes remain on hold, check back for more details in the Fall!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the gym?
Membership at the RJH Fitness Centre (the gym) is open to Royal Jubilee Hospital employees.  This includes Island Health staff, medical staff, and affiliate service providers (ie. AFS, MFS, ACML, and ISL Health).  In order to join the RJH Fitness Centre, you must become a member of the RJH Fitness Society.

How can I join the Society?
All information on how to sign up can be found on this website.

A confirmation email will be sent automatically upon registration completion and your prox card will be activated within approximately 3 – 5 business days.

Please review the RJH Fitness Centre Rules and Etiquette (.pdf) before using the facility.  These are in place to ensure everyone is able to enjoy their experience in the Fitness Centre.

The Fitness Centre has a strict “no phone calls in the gym” policy.  While we recognize that gym members use fitness apps on their phones, and our health care staff may be required to carry a cell phone, we ask that everyone step outside of the gym to make or receive calls so as not to disturb other members.  As posted “no phone calls – including Bluetooth – permitted in the gym.  Please set devices to SILENT.”

How many members does the Society have?
Due to the size of the gym, membership is limited to 500 employees, medical staff, and affiliate service providers, all of whom must work physically at the RJH campus.  Based on the popularity of the gym, we generally reach maximum capacity by the end of April each year.
What are the Fitness Centre’s hours of operation?
Members can access the Fitness Centre 24-hours every day with their proximity card, which is encoded upon registration.

When are the Society memberships valid?
Membership terms are from October 1 to September 30 of the following year, ie. October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.  Memberships purchased after October 1 are valid from the time of receipt/processing by the Society until September 30 of the following year.

I joined after October 1.  Do I get a reduced rate?
The Society does not pro-rate memberships as we do not have the capacity to manage multiple expiry dates.  The $144 membership fee is a non-refundable payment, payable one time per year.  It’s still the best deal in town!

What is my $144 Society membership fee used for?
Income from Society Membership dues does NOT become part of Island Health finances.

Membership funds are used for such things as:
•    Equipment maintenance, servicing and replacement
•    Equipment wipes (and we go through a LOT!)
•    Housekeeping contract with Acciona to maintain the room
•    Supplies, such as whiteboard upkeep, storage upgrades, etc.
•    Support of a Society policy to provide a framework for the operationalization and allocation of donations to sports and wellness programs related to and representing RJH.
How do I contact the RJH Fitness Society?
The best way to contact the Society is by email – RJHFitness@viha.ca .  Email is checked daily and issues are resolved in a timely manner.

The treadmill displays ERR1; the jump rope is broken; the clock has stopped; the door won’t close properly – what do I do?
As above, notify the RJHFS by emailing RJHFitness@viha.ca as soon as possible, so the issues can be addressed to ensure smooth running of the gym.  DO NOT leave messages on the Cardio Board regarding broken equipment or unplug the equipment to reset it.

I had a membership for the gym, and was then moved from the site because my position was relocated.  Can I still be a member?
The Society Policy on being decanted is as follows:

If an RJHFS member purchases a Society membership while working on the RJH site, and is later decanted from the site based on their work situation while there membership is still valid, the membership will be grandfathered for renewal IF the member continues to renew their Society membership uninterrupted.  The member originally purchased their membership in good faith, and if they wish to continue to travel to use the facility that is their choice.

If an RJHFS member is decanted, does NOT renew their membership in the following renewal year, and then requests to renew later, ie. a break in continuous membership, the request must be denied.  The RJHFS strives to play an active and supportive role to staff health at the RJH campus and strives to be as inclusive as possible, but must also take into account the requirement of working on the RJH site and the maximum membership capacity.

I have a wish list for the gym!
The following items have been requested by members and considered by the Board.  They are either not available with current equipment capacity, or pose liability issues for the Society:

•    Body Bars
•    70lb Free Weights
•    Heavier Curl Weights
•    Heavier Kettle Bells
•    iPod Plug in
•    Squat Rack instead of Smith Rack

We are always open to reviewing reasonable requests for the gym – please email rjhfitness@viha.ca.

What else does the Society offer?
The RJH Fitness Society is proud to support yoga classes in Richmond Pavilion (RP)220.  All current information on the classes is available on this website.
Other programs, such as Nutritional Seminars, are hosted when available.

The temperature in the gym is too warm.  Can we turn it down?
In discussions with the building management of the Patient Care Centre (PCC), the original design range for the temperature in the Fitness Centre was between 21 – 26 degrees.  During warmer weather the temperature can be (and is) reduced to a maximum low of 19 degrees.  Please use the fans provided in the gym to circulate the air, and ensure they are turned off if the gym is empty.  Please DO NOT prop open the door to the courtyard as this is a security door and must be kept closed.  This also affects the thermostat in the room and will cause the temperature to increase.

Can I rent a locker in the changeroom?
Lockers are available in the Men’s and Women’s change/shower rooms adjacent to the Fitness Centre.  These are day use lockers only and not available for rental, as they are for use by both Fitness Centre members and PCC staff.  Please remove your belongings from the lockers after your workout.  The lockers are not managed by the Fitness Society and not included in the cost of membership; they are the responsibility of the PCC General Manager.
Can I bring in a personal trainer?
The gym is for RJH staff members only; there are liability and space issues with regarding to personal training – we do not offer this option at this time.